Things to do in Boston

Posted by on February 07, 2011

Boston is one of New England’s most vibrant cities and it is full of things to do for all tastes and budgets. Here are some ideas for fun, cultural, and inexpensive things to enjoy around Boston anytime of the year.

Visitors to Boston who appreciate a distinguished brew can get a free tour of the Samuel Adams brewery. The free tours run from Monday through Saturday.

If you are traveling with kids, the Franklin Park Zoo cannot be missed. A truly special experience loved by children, it includes an indoor gorilla exhibit in a tropical forest setting. The adjacent Franklin Farm features a petting zoo. Admission prices are $16 for adults and $10 for children.

Another venue sure to please the younger crowds is the Mappatorium. Visitors walk inside a glass globe of the Earth via a glass bridge.

To satisfy your cultural palate be sure to stop by the Museum of Fine Arts. Offering free admissions for everyone on Wednesday nights, it holds nearly half a million works of art, notably works by Manet, Van Gogh, Monet and Cézanne. If your taste prefers avant-garde modern art, visit The Institute of Contemporary Art.

Head over to the North End to imbibe some of Boston’s historic charm. It is lined with restaurants and cafés, so it is perfect for a relaxing walk. Pick up a coffee and pastry and enjoy the Bostonian skyline.

For a vigorous activity, find the Revolutionary Trail. The Boston Revolutionary Trail is a historic walk marked by a double line of red bricks and it is free. The trail will take you through the revolutionary landmarks giving information at each point.

To add some maritime flavor to your visit, take a cruise departing from the Boston Harbor. Cruises are under $20 for both children and adults and will take you to Boston’s landmarks such as the USS Constitution and the Boston Tea Party grounds.

For those with an academic inclination, a visit to Harvard University is a must. Iconic Harvard ‘hoodies’ can be purchased from various souvenir shops. A visit to Harvard University can be finished with an Astronomy Night. Astronomy nights are offered by Harvard free of charge on the third Thursday of every month. Boston University also hosts free astronomy nights on Wednesday evenings for the majority of the year.

As is evident, the vast range of things to do in Boston offers something for all tastes and ages to enjoy.

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