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Posted by on March 14, 2011

Boston, Massachusetts is filled with history and is the largest city in New England. The city played a significant part in American history, making Boston a key battlefield of the revolution. Americans further asserted their independence in the Boston Tea Party. According to the 2010 census, the population reached 617,594. Bostonians also reside in a large metropolitan area, Greater Boston. This area comprises Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Middlesex, Plymouth and Worcester.

Boston is a relatively small city when compared to larger areas such as New York City and Los Angeles. It does however maintain a lower cost of living than these cities. If you move to Boston from a smaller town or city, research the cost of living since it is significantly higher than many other parts of the country. Boston offers a variety of housing choices from apartments and brownstones to Capes and Colonials. The city prides itself on traditional architecture. You will find architectural treats left intact such as moldings and arched doorways that are not typical of architecture today. The living options are to reside within the city, or within the inner or outer suburbs. Most suburbs are located in the North Shore (north Boston) and South Shore (south Boston). Each offers assets unique to the area.

There is a concentration of the best colleges and universities located within Boston and the surrounding area, such as Harvard, Cambridge and Boston College among others. The universities provide the city with culture and charm. Local residents may attend college lectures throughout the city or peruse the numerous quaint bookstores surrounding the campuses. Newbury Street galleries and the Boston Symphony Orchestra provide entertainment for the arts enthusiast.

The country’s first subway system was located in Boston. The city has a great transportation system, perfect for commuters who live in the suburbs but work in the downtown area. If you are not able to commute, be careful since many communities do not label streets with signs.

This is the city to live in if you area sports aficionado. It is home to several sports team including the Red Sox, Celtics and the Bruins. The New England Patriots and New England Revolution are not too far away.
Boston has its own holidays to add to the calendar like Evacuation Day which celebrates the British leaving the city. Patriot’s Day remembers the battles of Concord and Lexington.

Boston is an attractive city to raise a family as well as broaden your cultural and career scope. Boston continues to make an impact historically as well as contribute to modern advances.

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